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We Can Help You With Dental Implants

Need Dental Implants?


At Fairview Dental Arts, when you need dental implants, our dentists and helpful staff can handle every aspect of your dental care conveniently in-house and we never have to send you off-site to another doctor. We offer dental implants to replace missing teeth with root and fixed tooth replacements to help you maintain a natural smile with full functionality.

Understanding Dental Implants


People are living longer and maintaining healthy dental habits that include regular dental cleanings and routine oral care. At times, though, a tooth or several teeth may develop disease or decay or may be injured accidentally. That's where a dental implant can help to restore the mouth and optimize your oral health.

A dental implant is a synthetic type of tooth root that is surgically implanted into the bone of the jaw. The root or post is made from titanium and can help to hold a replacement tooth in place. Whether the implant is permanent or removable may vary depending on the health of the patient and the nature of the teeth and gums.

Types of dental implants may include single tooth replacements for individual teeth, multiple tooth replacements for a row of teeth, complete denture supports, and full-mouth fixed rehabilitation. Full bridges and dentures can permanently help to give the patient a mouthful of teeth or a strategic number of implants.

For more information on these dental services, please speak to one of our staff.

Types of Dental Implant Treatments

Single Tooth Replacement


We can replace a missing tooth with an implant that will give your mouth a natural look. The implant can be fused directly to the bone to ensure functionality and use.

Multiple Tooth Replacement


To give you a complete smile, gaps in the mouth can be replaced with implants. This can help to give the patient a better look whether it's one tooth or several teeth throughout the mouth.

Complete Denture Support


To avoid removable dentures, a denture support can fill in missing teeth. The denture support is anchored to existing implants for increased stability. This is beneficial if the patient has lost all of their teeth on a full arch.

Full-mouth Fixed Rehabilitation


If you have lost soft tissue and bone, a transformative way to improve oral health is with a full-mouth fixed rehabilitation which can transform a weak mouth structure to one that is stronger.

Advantages of Dental Implants


A major advantage with implants is that they are stable in the mouth, while bridges and dentures are unstable and not fixed to the bone. Implants have a natural look and won't shift with talking or eating, allowing the patient a stronger bite. As they adhere to the jawbone, they won't put added stress on surrounding teeth. Implants can last a lifetime, while bridges may last for up to 10 years.

Post-Treatment Care


Care for implants should fall in line with routine oral care and should include daily brushing, flossing, and checkups. With regular and routine care, the implants can last longer and help the patient to feel more confident about their smile and appearance.

For additional information on dental implants and how we can help with implant dentistry and tooth implant questions, please speak to one of our staff.

At Fairview Dental Arts, we look forward to helping you enhance your smile!

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