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Norristown General and Emergency Dentistry

General Dentistry


At Fairview Dental Arts our goal is to help you achieve and maintain healthy teeth, gums, and an attractive smile. General dentistry includes a host of services designed to protect your smile and minimize damage and disease. Our dental treatments are designed to treat gum disease, tooth decay, and trauma.

General dentistry and family dentistry treatments include:

Our experienced dentists and our team will explore the concerns you may have, discuss the options to improve your dental health and enhance your appearance. With our examination, we may recommend various dental services and procedures to help you restore and maintain your smile. As we walk you through the various stages and establish a treatment plan, you can feel confident about your dental care with us.

Do I need to see a dentist?


A regular dental cleaning and exam should be scheduled at our office every six months to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. On occasion, we may take x-rays, treat damaged gums, make repairs to the teeth and look for ways to help you maintain your overall mouth health. Every six months will keep tooth decay to a minimum.

You may need to schedule an appointment should you need an emergency dentist. Norristown PA patients are welcome to call our office at any time if you have a dental emergency and our staff will be happy to assist you and make you our top priority. For more information on our services, please contact us.

We look forward to caring for you and your family!

 Night Guards For TMJ / TMD


Do you suffer from migraine headaches, sore teeth, or aching jaw? 


This pain could be caused by "clenching" your teeth while sleeping.  This clenching at night can cause painful morning headaches, cracked teeth, sensitivity, and sore muscles in the face.  Over time, the force of your teeth grinding together can do considerable damage.  You can even wear down your enamel or the chewing surface of your teeth.


Dr. Andolino will take the time to exam if there are signs of damage due to clenching or grinding, then alleviate the pain and discomfort by providing a Mouth Guard that fits the individual contour of your mouth.   Please call for an examination. 

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